Third Eye. Gen


A new technology company, Third Eye Gen. of Princeton, New Jersey was seeking a series of videos highlighting the practical and technical benefits of its new line of Augmented Reality Glasses in a variety of industries. The most compelling format for these videos would be with a VOICE OVER highlighting captivating situations where these AR Glasses provided tangible benefits. The situations needed to be genuine and authentic for the videos to be impactful. In addition, extensive motion graphics would showcase the Augmented Reality visual experience.


Suburbanite Productions worked with Third Eye Gen. to completely comprehend this new technology and exactly how these AR Glasses benefit different industry sectors. We created authentic scenarios in the construction, medical and mechanical sectors where the AR Glasses application felt real and tangible. The VOICE OVER provided additional, pertinent information not seen on screen. State of the art Motion Graphics highlighted the Third Eye. Gen AR Glasses experience and technical specifications.


Third Eye. Gen. continues to showcase these videos on their website, social media channels and at a variety of trade shows. The videos provide customers with clear information on the actual advantages of their AR Glasses. The videos Suburbanite Productions produced are an integral component of Third Eye Gens. growth in the market place.