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New marketing video for the American Marketing Association of New York.  July 2017. 


Brilliance In Marketing: Zicam Media Buying Innovation



Telling a great story is essential to connect your brand with consumers. At Suburbanite Productions this is our focus. Helping clients tell a great story with high quality and engaging videos. We are the premiere video production company in New Jersey and New York.

Founded in 2009 by Tom Bentey, an award winning feature film director and writer, Suburbanite Productions produces high quality commercial and marketing video content for brands and businesses. We manage the entire production, from concept development to distribution. Suburbanite Productions uses a proven process to ensure that working with us is easy, on time and on budget. Video production is our passion.

We know how to tell great stories and bring those stories to life in an engaging and impactful way. We excel in video production, commercial videos, video marketing and video storytelling.

We help small and large businesses market to their ideal customers. We know how to showcase a client’s best attributes and break down their services to a targeted audience through video production.

Our video production process is simple, yet highly effective. We know how to identify what makes you unique and highlight those themes through video production. We create engaging video content for many small and large businesses in New York and New Jersey.

Suburbanite Productions is a proud member of the American Marketing Association of New York and New Jersey; and recently produced a video for that organization.

Many production companies know how to set up cameras, lights and audio equipment; but very few know how to engage an audience visually. Suburbanite Productions excels in creating compelling stories for businesses and brands.

Trailer for the feature film, “At the Jersey Shore” which screened at national film festivals (Sonoma, Montclair, Garden State, Jersey Shore) and received international distribution in 2012. 

Our background in feature films and narrative ensures that our work is engaging, entertaining and interesting. Video production will greatly enhance your  bottom line. Every great brand has a great story. Let us tell yours.