A Closer Look at the Video Production Process

At Suburbanite Productions, our work flow is straightforward, transparent, efficient, and creatively impactful. Our process starts with an initial meeting to understand your needs, followed by a proposal that outlines the project details and cost. We collaborate on the script, ensuring a compelling story that represents your organization. Once the script is approved, we move into pre-production, locking locations, arranging crew, and creating a schedule. Filming follows the plan, and post-production includes editing, graphics, sound, and music. With a clear vision from the start, we deliver the final video in approximately two weeks. Let us tell your story effectively with video.

VIDEO production PROCESS

We focus on your story
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  • Concept & Script Development
  • Storyboarding & Shot List Creation
  • Pre-production Planning & Budgeting
  • Cast & Location Selection
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  • Bringing the Story to Life
  • Set Management & Shoot Production
  • Shoot Direction & Script Revisioning
  • Post-Production, Editing & Sound Mixing
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  • Presenting the Story
  • Traditional Distribution
  • Digital Distribution
  • Social Distribution

Capabilities and Experience

With my award-winning experience as a feature film and commercial director, I excel at finding compelling stories within organizations and bringing them to life through engaging videos. I listen to your history, background, and experiences to create emotionally impactful narratives. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we produce professional, visually stunning videos. I've worked with educational institutions, nonprofits, and large corporations, always understanding their core values and showcasing them to the target audience. I create a comfortable atmosphere for interviewees, fostering natural communication. At Suburbanite Productions, we deliver amazing video content that captivates your audience.

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