TBM Podcast: Storytelling for entrepreneurs with Evan Nierman, ceo of Red Banyan public relations firm @redbanyanpr

Best Practices For Starting Your Own Business and Successful Ways To Build Your Brand with Evan Nierman, CEO of Red Banyan Public Relations Firm.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00- 03:17 -How Evan Nierman broke into the Public Relations industry in crisis communications. 

03:18-05:21-Learning from previous employers. 

05:22-08:24- Starting RED BANYAN PR Firm and the challenges he faced.  

08:25-11:47 -How turning down a full time job led to his first big client.

11:48- 14:48-Entrepreneur’s need to understand the challenges ahead.

14:49-17:36-Amazon is a great example of how a long term mindset can build success. And how challenges in life can build growth, development and success. 

17:37-19:54- How being uncomfortable can promote growth and fulfillment. 

19:55- 22:38-Everyone’s “story” is different, but always pushes yourself will produce success. 

22:39-27:28 Finding your passion will lead you down your correct path. But don’t try to find the “next best thing” without a solid plan and purpose behind it. 

27:29-33:40- Storytelling is everything. Best practices for social media. 

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