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Tom Bentey, CEO & Founder

As an accomplished writer, film director and producer, Tom Bentey helps brands tell their story. His experience includes working with production companies, news outlets and the United Nations – as Director for Programs Broadcast. Tom is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Marketing Association.

I directed this cool video highlighting the Marketing Hall of Fame event in NYC, highlighting the best our industry has to offer featuring @badassboz @ajlucio5 @NewYorkAMA @AMA_Marketing https://t.co/0hjYVnj0Fr
Amazing news! The Cafone was just selected by Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition via https://t.co/RsqKxo5C5W!
Suburbanite Productions TV Pilot, "The Cafone" won BEST TV PILOT at the March 2022 Rotterdam Independent Film Festival. Europeans really love this pilot! Thank you to an amazing cast and crew. More festival screenings coming up. #AwardWinner #TVPilot #TheCafone #IndieFilm https://t.co/HSJodieQdp