TBM Podcast: Creating Good Art And Making An Impact

“Delusionism” Artist Daniel Matthew York @DanielMatthewYork and I speak about the process of creating great artistic work, the similarities between painting and writing and the best way to make an impact with an audience.

Daniel Matthew York is an American painter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Influenced by hundreds of years of art by his personal favorite artists from Italian greats such as Titian to more contemporary painters, he paints his current works that he calls Delusionism which he explains, “I just want to snap you out of your day for a minute, maybe I’ll give you a laugh, and maybe you’ll write me a check.” On his subject matter he states, “I spent many years trying to force my style, what I am as an artist, but no matter what I painted it came out that way.  At some point I just stopped fighting it and accepted what I do. Now, I just try to make myself laugh.” Born in 1978 in Libertyville, Illinois, to parents Daniel Lee York and June Dianne York he was raised in the far north-west suburb of Chicago, Round Lake Beach where his only formal art education took place under his art teacher, Betsy Edwards from Grade School up into his attendance at Round Lake Senior High School. He was never formally trained beyond this. York still lives and works in Nashville, TN, where his work can be viewed in his downtown gallery.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00- 3:00 – Delusionism-Finding Your Niche In Art.

03:01-04:17 – Getting Into Art/Finding Your Voice

04:18- 8:00 – Creating Works of Art/Similarities with Writing

8:00- 10:36 – Focusing on the work, not the audience’s whims/Lesson learned from David Bowie’s Career/Finding an audience and marketing to them.

10:37- 12:36 – Best Art Speaks To Individuals, Not Mass Audiences.

12:37-17:33 – Artist Change, Cultures Changes, But The Quality of Art Does Not/The Cycles of Art.

17:34- 24:00 – What defines good art? The reaction from the audience. Realism In Art Is Key. 

24:01- 26:16 – Advice For Young Artists-Soul Search and Don’t Settle. 

26:17-36:10 – Recent Artist’s Work That Made An Impact-Arcade Fire, Akira Kurosawa Filmmaker, Lisa Yuskavage- Artist. The Process of Creating Art is Hard Work.  Florence And The Machine- “Free” is exceptional. 



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