TBM Video Podcast #9: Host of HQ Trivia and Amazon, Sarah Pribis

Before she was the host of @HQTrivia, before she was featured on @Ellen Degeneres, before she was hosting for @amzon, before she became an @instagram sensation, @Sarah Pribis played “super model” in my short film, “Flat Brim” in 2014.

It’s exciting to see how much she has accomplished since then. Check out this interview to learn:

  • Transitioning from HS valedictorian to inspiring sketch comedian.

– Her Philly roots

– How Sarah started playing instruments as a child, which led to singing in her church choir, musical theatre and a high school broadway production of Les Mis.

– Studying theatre at NYU Tisch and her thoughts on college acting programs.

– How an infomercial for a butt cleaning product led to a week long appearance on the Ellen show.

– Hosting vs. Acting

– Creating her own content and building an audience online

– Her current projects

– Advice to artists looking to break into acting and/or hosting

Here is Sarah on the Ellen Show: 

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