CEO & Founder

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor


2003-BA.English, Rutgers University 

2012-MA. Media Studies, The New School

2018-MFA. Film (Producing), Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema/Brooklyn College

Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University School of Communication & Media

Tom Bentey excels at translating brand value into compelling, engaging and entertaining videos that increase awareness and drive customers to your products and services. As an accomplished writer, film director and producer, Tom Bentey helps brands tell their story. His experience includes working with production companies, news outlets and the United Nations.

Tom is also a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA). He shares his expertise as an Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University‘s School of Communication and Media. 

Check out Tom’s Acting work: TomBentey.com

Tom is also the host of the TomBenteyMediaPodcast


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We’ve worked with companies across diverse industries


We tell the stories of individuals and business owners

“At the Jersey Shore” – a take on life in Southern New Jersey

ATJS Trailer

Journalist Joe Lombardi has a shot at a big-time New York City newspaper: if he can only write one last, home-run article on the Jersey Shore.

Dance Off Scene

Music Video Scene, “House Party – Dance Wit Me” Joe begins to discover that there is more to this place than just sex, drugs and Reality-TV clichés.

Tom’s passion is telling great stories, including a feature film in which he wrote, directed, and starred. It premiered at the 2011 Sonoma California International Film Festival and has since won many awards at several film festivals nationwide. The film is available on Cable, Video On Demand, iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube.

Branded Content That Tells Your Story

We handle all aspects of script writing, budgeting, scheduling, casting, on set management, directing, and all post production services. #SubProd has created hundreds of videos that have tremendously benefited both small and large businesses.

Our Partners

We team up with experts and industry professionals to ensure the highest quality production of your video.


In the summer of 2009, Tom Bentey began production on his first feature film, “At the Jersey Shore”. The insight and knowledge he learned throughout that journey enabled him to tell any story and engage any audience. 

June 2009– Edison, New Jersey, Suburbanite Productions is formed to produce the feature film, “At the Jersey Shore.”

August 2009– Seaside Park, New Jersey, Production begins on “At the Jersey Shore.”

April 2011– “At the Jersey Shore” premieres at the Sonoma Ca. International Film Festival. 

July 2011– Deal, NJ “ATJS” screening at the Jersey Shore Film Festival where it won Best Feature Film, and the Audience Award. 

May 2012– “ATJS” screens at Montclair Film Festival

Summer 2012– Through Gravitas Ventures, ATJS is distributed globally on Cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube.

December 2013– Edison, NJ- Production begins on the short film, “Flat Brim.”

July 2014– Tom Bentey brings his masterful storytelling abilities to local businesses and creates marketing videos for Lombardi Pizza Company in Martinsville, NJ. 

March 2015– Atlantic City, NJ, “Flat Brim” premieres at the Garden State Film Festival.

June 2015– Long Beach Island, NJ- “Flat Brim” screens at the Lighthouse International Film Festival.

August 2015– Jersey City, NJ “Flat Brim” screens at the Brightside Tavern Film Festival and Tom Bentey wins the Best Actor Award.

July 2016– Savannah, GA. “Flat Brim” screens the Big River Film Festival.

July 2016– The Tom Bentey Media (TBM) network, featuring motivational/educational videos and #videopodcasts, is formed.

July 2017-Belmar, NJ, Suburbanite Productions creates a marketing video for Marina Grille. 

July 2018– Edison, NJ- Suburbanite Productions creates an Active Shooter Training Video for Middlesex County College.

August 2018– Princeton, NJ- Suburbanite Productions creates 3D marketing videos for ThirdEye Gen’s AR Glasses.

February 2019– Production begins on the Tom Bentey written/directed TV pilot, “The Cafone.”

March 2019– Asbury Park, NJ- Suburbanite Productions commercial for the Forum Theatre screens at the Garden State Film Festival. 

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