Suburbanite Productions Details Video Production Options with Co-Vid Regulations

Suburbanite Productions details video production options with CO-VID restrictions.

In the age of social distancing, we can still create engaging video contact. The public is hungry, now perhaps, more than ever, to learn about your business and engage with your brand.

While big production shoots with many actors and crew members are not feasible at this time, there are still ways we can produce compelling video content. At Suburbanite Productions, we are committed to our mission of creative excellence, while abiding by CDC guidelines for a safe and healthy working environment.

Animated and stock footage videos are a great way to inform and educate, and are produced remotely. The initial meeting via video conferencing, story board and rough cut feedback via email. We hire-a talented actor with a home studio to perform a high quality voice over, we edit everything together, and we produced an engaging video.

Directing talent at home is becoming increasingly popular . Using video conferencing I guide and direct talent to create professional looking videos with their cell phone, basic lighting equipment and a standard tripod. It will look professional and we can bring about authentic, genuine deliveries.

The world is so accustomed to Video conference calls. Why not create an advertising or marketing video with that concept in mind. With creative insight, conference call marketing videos can tell a good story and entertain an audience. We can supplement these videos with independently filmed b roll footage.

Product videos are also a great way to showcase your offerings in a way that makes sense to your audience. These can be produced remotely with a proper studio set up and an engaging voice over.

And finally, we can still produce traditional video content. We just have to abide by the CDC guidelines, which means: Small cast and crews, no more than 3 or 4 people, temperature checks before arriving on set, Everyone, except speaking talent will be wearing face-masks, we will all stay six feat a part at all times, outdoor filming when possible and plenty of gloves, hand sanitizers and sanitation wipes on set.

Now is a great time to tell your story. With proper planning, Suburbanite Productions will showcase your company’s message to an audience seeking new content. We can take advantage of modern technology and work within the guidelines to produce compelling videos. Let’s all stay healthy. Stay safe, and stay productive.

covid regulations
covid regulations

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