TBM Video Podcast #7: Director of HBO Documentary Films, Filmmaker/Producer, Greg Rhem

It was 10 years ago, Director of HBO Documentary Films, Gregory James Rhem and I, embarked on a journey to produce the feature film, “At the Jersey Shore”. After 24 years with HBO, Greg will be embarking on a new journey to produce/direct a science fiction feature film, “The Dinosaur Four”.

We discuss the process of optioning the story from an established author, collaborating with the author when writing the script; and the different options to turn the screenplay into a feature film: sell the script for cash and a writing credit, or make the film for either a large budget ($50 Million) or on a much smaller scale (1-2 million).

We review the pros/cons for each, and the ways to show potential investors/producers you have a clear vision for the film, even on a sci-fi film, before you begin shooting. A great #videopodcast with an established figure in the documentary space who is looking to transfer that skill set to narrative, science fiction films.

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