TBM Video Podcast #6: Actor/Model Marisa Bertani

@mbertani moved from the small town of Altoona, PA. to pursue her dream of becoming an actor in NYC. Marisa speaks about that big transition; how she became a successful lifestyle model, a profession she never really considered before; the @truly campaign she just worked on in Big Sky, Montana; a horror film she worked on over the summer, “The Hinsdale House”, filmed on location in a real haunted house in upstate New York; her part in my upcoming web series, “The American Benefactor”; and her very own series, “The Roommate” which is currently in preproduction. Marisa is taking advantage of the tools we all have now to tell our own stories. An inspirational cast for any professional looking to take more control of their career, and the insight needed to make it successful. www.marisabertani.com

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